OPIFICIOjm organizes your custom-made event with taste and refinement,

in a exclusive location that adapts to any type of celebration.

Ceremonies - Weddings, Birthdays - Businesses

Fashion Events -Congresses -Meetings

Celebrate your events with us

"A culinary journey through what nature has to
offer. Good, tasty and light dishes".


Environment with a captivating atmosphere,
An unmistakable design, suitable also for business lunches and dinners.


Large outdoor area surrounded by the ancient walls of Prato.

During summer season we add to the patio an open for your best enjoyment.


On the upper floor you will enjoy a comfortable and private area. Surrounded by colors, creations, accessories, clothing. San Marco 39, Prato  •  Phone +39 327 9071235  •  P.iva  02160130973 • e-mail 


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