At OPIFICIOjm you can find clothing for Man, Woman and accessories "beyond fashion”, discover unconventional outfits that represents you at your best.

Each production has been carefully made by skilled craftsmen and young Makers, that take care of the smallest details,

from the product to the packaging.

You will also be able to appreciate sophisticated furnishing accessories and items, all for sale.

Among with the NOVO ITALIA products designed exclusively for OPIFICIOjm made with extreme care and attention to detail.

“Elegant, Chic, Informal, Unconventional , Contemporary”

New Look, new Life


Discover, browse, imagine.

Every detail enriches your style


Accessories designed and made in collaboration with Craftsmen and Makers.

Rediscovering the typical Italian mix of

"know how and Taste". 


A unique and unmistakable environment,

with furniture combined in

exceptionally and innovative ways.



Unconventional casual-chic collections.

You will find a wide range of products 

to express yourself to the fullest. San Marco 39, Prato  •  Phone +39 327 9071235  •  P.iva  02160130973 • e-mail 


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